My Updated Daily Skincare Routine

People often ask me for my skincare routine and it’s generally stayed the same up until the past year. Skincare after 25 is a trip. My skin has been through pretty much all stages from oily to dry to combination. As of now, I have combination skin with some days of it being extremely oily […]

Top 10 Things to do in Cusco

Once the capital of the Inca empire, Cusco is a city frozen in time. The city is well known for being the starting point to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley but it’s much more than that. From Cathedrals to Inca ruins, there are plenty of things to do in Cusco that are well worth […]

Day Trip to Valle de Guadalupe

Only a 2-hour drive from San Diego, Valle de Guadalupe is a foodie’s dream. Named the next Napa Valley, Mexico’s wine country houses hundreds of wineries and Michelin quality restaurants that it’s no wonder people come here for weekend getaways. How to Get to Valle de Guadalupe I had never crossed the border by foot […]

Maido – Lima, Peru

If you’re visiting Lima, you have to eat at either Maido or Central. Maido would be my choice if you had to choose between the two. Central was a whimsical experience, but Maido is where you appreciate each bite of food that goes into your mouth. What isĀ “Nikkei”? Nikkei cuisine is the perfect balance between […]

Central – Lima, Peru

Central is deserving of its hype. Admittedly, I went after watching the co-owner and head chef, Virgilio Martinez’s, episode on “Chef’s Table” on Netflix. It truly was an epic food experience I’ll never forget. Located in gorgeous Miraflores, Central is inconspicuous on the outside, but the inside of the restaurant is open and airy. I […]

Guide to Lima

Lima is one of those places that reminds me of home. Whatever people say about Los Angeles, people say about Peru’s largest city. The weather is nice year-round, the food scene is eclectic, and fitness is of high priority.

4 Steps For Making New Year’s Resolutions

As we reach 2018, you’re probably wondering about your resolutions. I used to HATE making them because I could never achieve them all. I would make things up like “lose 20 pounds this year”, “find the love of my life”, and other DUMB and unrealistic resolutions that apparently spoke a lot to how I was […]