“Where Have You Been?”

How to find inspiration

It’s obvious I haven’t written in a few weeks and I promise all is peachy in my personal life. To be completely frank, I just needed a minute away from my blog. After the release of my revamp, I was writing and shooting a lot — way more than I normally did. I was completely burnt out after March ended.

If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been posting more on my Stories and less on my feed. I wanted to spend more time with my boyfriend, dog, friends, and family without any distractions. I had a Coachella makeup post that I wanted to write about last week and ended up not doing it. From being busy and stressed from my day job to having to tend to personal relationships, I had very little time to myself. Did I feel a little bad? Of course. But I’m only human.

How to find inspiration


How do you find inspiration when you’re just not feeling it??

I’m not sure I have a great response to this, but it’s to just give it time. I find it painful to force yourself to find inspiration. When you’re uninspired, it comes across fake when you try and produce something creative for the sake of doing it. Take a step back and do things you enjoy doing. I did exactly that because I knew my blog wasn’t going anywhere. It’s a hobby of mine that I enjoy because I get to connect with my humble little audience. I’m not going to write about something I don’t believe in to “keep up my blogging reputation”. *eye roll*


Take your mind away

I asked myself last week why I was feeling uninspired. I knew I was stressed out from my day job but writing was always my escape when I was feeling stressed. Blogging became sort of a chore which didn’t give me much incentive to write.

I decided to take a short break and focus on activities I enjoy doing outside of blogging. I went paddleboarding, checked out TAO and Beauty & Essex grand openings with my boyfriend, spent time with my mom, and many other activities that I didn’t feel the need to record or write about.

How to find inspiration

Point being, if you’re feeling uninspired, don’t force it. Shut your mind off and focus on activities that make you feel good and inspiration will find its way back to you. Promise.

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