4 Steps For Making New Year’s Resolutions

As we reach 2018, you’re probably wondering about your resolutions. I used to HATE making them because I could never achieve them all. I would make things up like “lose 20 pounds this year”, “find the love of my life”, and other DUMB and unrealistic resolutions that apparently spoke a lot to how I was feeling about myself. I vowed never to make resolutions to prevent myself from feeling bad.

I think I spent a couple of years floating through life without set goals in mind — it was freeing for a bit and then I felt lost. Towards the end of last year, I decided to make a few practical resolutions for 2017. Here were my goals:

  • Accept a new job that I am happy with
  • Do things I want to do instead of what someone else wants to do
  • Learn to say no

2017 is ending, bih. Did you make your resolutions or not?


I think I did a damn good job.

Resolutions 2 & 3 are subjective, so who better to agree that I achieved my goals than myself? This year I focused on making myself happy. It started off with me just trying to find ways to alleviate my anxiety, because #PeoplePleaserProblems. It then grew with me doing things that make ME happy and saying no to people more often. I accepted a job offer that was everything I dreamed of halfway through the year, and I haven’t looked back since.

Tips on how to make resolutions for 2018

1. Words are Important

Notice in my first resolution that I would accept a job offer, not find one. Pay attention, because this is important. How you phrase your resolutions is crucial as it plays into the power of manifestation. I knew I was going to be looking for a new job and have interviewers learn about how dope I am ;), so it seemed like a waste of mental space setting a goal to find the perfect job. I rephrased it so that the universe had no other options but to give me a job that I would accept. Catch my flow?

2. Skip Overly-Ambitious Goals

I shared earlier that I had a goal to lose 20 pounds at several points in my life. That was literally my resolution for 4 years straight and it never happened. Ever. If you have plans to be more fit, lose a few pounds, earn more money, etc., set steady and reasonable goals. Instead of making a goal to go to the gym 6 days a week, a commitment that’s possible to break, tell yourself to go 2 more times out of your normal workout schedule. When you start getting into the flow of adding 2 more workout sessions, add one more mid-year. If your goal is to have a successful blog in 2018, make goals to attend more networking events or create content 2 weeks ahead of time. Setting steady and sometimes time-specific goals will help you achieve the overall objective more effectively.

3. Stick to One Thing at a Time

Divvy up your resolutions to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Resolutions are typically life-changing, big or small. When you begin them all at once, you’re setting yourself up to fail them all. Start with one resolution and once you begin to feel like you’re getting the hang of it, start the next one and so on.

4. Do It With a Friend

Try and make a resolution with your friend or significant other for the new year. You and your friend hold each other accountable which results in making resolutions at a faster pace. You’ll also have friendly competition, making it that much more fun. It also keeps things interesting, such as workouts and projects, when you have a buddy system in place.