Bedazzled AF Sugar Skull Makeup

halloween makeup

I wholeheartedly admit I had so much fun with this look because I secretly love blinging things out. Seriously put me in a corner with a glue gun, crystals, and something you want bedazzled and I’ll be happy all day.

I was inspired by this sugar skull look on Pinterest and thought I would recreate it with my own little twist. I like when I see skulls that are super pretty, but have bit of a creepy vibe to it. I really accentuated the hollows of my cheekbones and drew out my neck cartilages. I didn’t stress too much on what I used as my regular foundation and instead focused on the more important areas…like the hand glued crystals.

Time: 1.5 hours

Foundation: Too Faced Air-Buffed BB Cream in Linen Glow
Paints: Ben Nye Creme Color in Black for, obviously anything black, and the Purple as a base for my lids. I used the Morphe B20 brush for precise line.
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette. This is the OG palette, not the new Alice Through the Looking Glass palette. I used “Underland” over the creme, for those who have this palette. The new UD palette has a very similar shadow called “Dream On”.
Accessories: Sew-On Rhinestones from Jo-Ann. Choose the one with different sizes and shapes, especially the diamond shaped rhinestones for the cool teeth. I used Duo Lash Glue to tack these on my face. The Black Rose Hair Clips are from Icing.

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