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Cheers to a productive new year.

bullet journal setup 2019

It’s a new year and I’m sharing my 2019 bullet journal setup! This is my first time bullet journaling and I’m really excited to see how it develops over the months. I really want to make a conscious effort to be more mindful, productive, and organized this year. After seeing so many bloggers and YouTubers rave about their journals and being inspired by their gorgeous setups, I decided to join the BUJO bandwagon!

If you’re not familiar with how a bullet journal works, it’s an analog method that increases mindfulness. Unlike generic planners, you start with a clean slate using a journal with dotted pages. There are no monthly or weekly layouts — you create your own spreads based on what you need. I love this aspect of creating your own planner that works for you individually. I tend to find regular planners too restricting and inflexible for my daily needs. As a blogger working a full-time job, I really needed something that organized my day-to-day, along with my blog content. Here is the lowdown on all things bullet journal straight from the original source.

Essential Supplies for a Bullet Journal 

There are plenty of dotted page journals in-store or online. The most popular one is Leuchtturm1917, but I found it to be really pricey. The plus side is that Leuchtturm1917 journals have numbered pages and an index already set up for your convenience, but they weren’t things I personally needed. The bullet journal I ended up getting is by Minimalism Art, which I purchased off of Amazon for half the price of Leuchtturm1917. I chose the light pink PU leather cover, which is gorgeous and so simplistic!


Other things you’ll need:

How to Start a Bullet Journal

First thing’s first, you need to create a key and index. A key page is a helpful guide to identify what symbols mean “completed, “incomplete”, “migrated” and so on. These can be squares, arrows, or color-coded. An index is something you’ll continuously update as you fill out your bullet journal, logging pages that begin an important section. I don’t find this super necessary since my journal has a bookmark, but it’s useful if you have habit trackers or goal trackers that you need to refer back to from time-to-time.

Bullet Journal 2019 setup
Future log spread

Next is a future log. This is basically a year overview of 2019 and it’s where I’ll list important dates and holidays that I know are coming up. I also include birthdays in my future log, but you can also create a birthday log on another page. For me personally, my future log really just helps me remember loved ones’ birthdays and my travel dates.

After the future log, you can set up habit trackers or begin your month. I created a page with a list of books, TV shows, and movies I want to consume in 2019, in which I’ll fill out and check off as I go. In the name of self care, your bullet journal doesn’t have to be all business! I then created a cute January cover page inspired by some artwork I pulled from Pinterest.

Helpful Links for Bullet Journal Inspo 

Starting a bullet journal was exciting, but super daunting at first. The idea of a blank slate intrigued me, but I also worried about messing up. What if I didn’t like my spread? Do I go with a daily spread or a monthly spread? How do other people make their cover pages so pretty? After days of hesitation, I decided to do some research and draw inspiration from others. Shelby from Little Coffee Fox has a super helpful guide on how to organize your bullet journal easily. Her guide is especially beneficial for bloggers who could use a blog check-in, project tracker, or brainstorming page.

I also enjoyed Claire from Minimal Plan’s bullet journal content on all things minimal. Frankly, I don’t have time to make super intricate spreads and wanted something in the middle where I could still be colorful if I wanted to. Seeing how she laid out her spreads in such a simplistic, but aesthetically pleasing way, really inspired me and made me feel better about how I wanted to log my days.

I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring and can’t wait to fill out my bullet journal. Happy new year, you guys. 2018 was a freakin’ fantastic year and I’m so excited for what’s to come.


Do you want to see more bullet journal updates from me?

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