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Oscars 2017 Best Beauty Looks

Did anyone catch the awkwardness of Oscars 2017 last night?! I’m still in disbelief at what happened that I almost forgot about the best red carpet makeup moments. I’m very happy Moonlight won and definitely recommend it to those who have yet to see it!

Makeup Talk: Date Night

I’m alive! So what seemed like a week and a half of hibernation, I decided it was time to look presentable for date night this past weekend. Poor Brian has been seeing the ugly side of me (even though he was the one who got me sick).

Bedazzled AF Sugar Skull Makeup

I wholeheartedly admit I had so much fun with this look because I secretly love blinging things out. Seriously put me in a corner with a glue gun, crystals, and something you want bedazzled and I’ll be happy all day. I was inspired by this sugar skull look on Pinterest and thought I would recreate […]

Halloween Look: Here Kitty Kitty Kitty…

I actually wanted to do Halloween looks a little closer to the actual holiday, but since every makeup guru and blogger have been posting Halloween things, I was feeling a little FOMO. This look was created on the whim out of boredom. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out; still trying to fine tune […]