Pretty in Pink

Hello everyone! I’ve been working really hard this past month on rebranding my blog and this is the final product! I’m really happy with it and can’t wait to see what everyone thinks about the new design and features. I wanted a place where people can stay and discover my blog’s every corner; from shopping specific products […]

Dazzling in Red: Birthday Time

Today is my birthday! They say that after your early 20s, the years just fly. Honestly, 25 went by so fast, it’s crazy to think that I am now another year older. I don’t know if some of you are the same way, but I like to reflect during my birthday some of the ups […]

Resolutions To Make This New Year

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m reflecting back on the year pretty happy that we’re entering a new year. I’ve never been the type to go, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” and make resolutions, but I’ve definitely been put through some tests this year and I’m ending it pretty drained emotionally and mentally. However, I […]

A Cool Timepiece For Your Holiday Outfit

I’ve been really into black and red combinations lately. The red gives me a festive “It’s Almost Christmas” type of vibe while black makes me look slimmer during my winter feasting. One piece of accessory that tends to be a staple for me is a watch. I’m pretty minimalistic in my choice in jewelry; dainty […]

Bob’s Burger Pop Up

I’m in workout gear 95% of the time during my free time. Sometimes I really wish I was put together much more often than I really am. It’s just not comfortable. I would love to romp around in stilettos and skirts all day, but in reality, walking around in Los Angeles becomes pretty painful after […]

Rest in Pieces

Don’t mind my embarrassing nails in case I didn’t hide them very well. One nail chipped off and the rest was history. It’s almost Halloweenie time! October until the end of the year is my favorite time of the year simply because there’s so much exciting energy from people. I went to dinner with my […]

Fall Trend: Tweed Skirt

It’s almost my favorite time of the year and I’m just bursting with excitement at the outfits I’ve been dreaming of wearing! My Fall Trends series will be a selection of clothing items that are going to be in this fall, or at least in my opinion, with some inspirations here and there on how […]