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My Updated Daily Skincare Routine

People often ask me for my skincare routine and it’s generally stayed the same up until the past year. Skincare after 25 is a trip. My skin has been through pretty much all stages from oily to dry to combination. As of now, I have combination skin with some days of it being extremely oily […]

4 Steps For Making New Year’s Resolutions

As we reach 2018, you’re probably wondering about your resolutions. I used to HATE making them because I could never achieve them all. I would make things up like “lose 20 pounds this year”, “find the love of my life”, and other DUMB and unrealistic resolutions that apparently spoke a lot to how I was […]

Dazzling in Red: Birthday Time

Today is my birthday! They say that after your early 20s, the years just fly. Honestly, 25 went by so fast, it’s crazy to think that I am now another year older. I don’t know if some of you are the same way, but I like to reflect during my birthday some of the ups […]

Valentine’s Gift Ideas Under $20

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re like me and you hate that Valentine’s Day right after the holidays (and my birthday), you probably haven’t bought a thing for your significant other as you’re reading this and thinking “oh shit”.  I’m pretty proud of myself because I got crafty this year and have some few surprises up my sleeves […]

Women’s March Los Angeles + VLOG

The Women’s March LA on Saturday was incredible. There was so much positive energy and love all around. There were women of all races and religion marching alongside together, chanting and cheering for each other’s equality. I witnessed little boys and girls marching along with up to 750,000 passionate people and learning that they can let their […]

What To Do When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Y’all, I have been sick. Whatever flu, cold, viral germ that’s been going around, I caught it and it hasn’t been pretty. Because of that, I had zero motivation to do anything. I would go to work, come home and sleep. I started to feel a little guilty for not updating my blog, but then […]

Resolutions To Make This New Year

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m reflecting back on the year pretty happy that we’re entering a new year. I’ve never been the type to go, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” and make resolutions, but I’ve definitely been put through some tests this year and I’m ending it pretty drained emotionally and mentally. However, I […]

Doggy Diaries: First BarkBox Unboxing

Came home from work today to find a big box sitting at my front door. I’ve ordered probably ten things for my dog this month, so it didn’t register to me that it was BarkBox until I flipped the box around all four sides. My tracking said it would arrive on October 17th, so the […]

5 Way To Create Your Own Happiness

Ever feel like you just can’t win? Try as you may, you feel like you’re climbing up a mountain that’s throwing avalanches, windstorms, snow, and every natural fucking disaster your way to slow you down. How do you see the bright side of things? How do you go to sleep at night? I think there […]