My Updated Daily Skincare Routine

Skincare after 25 is a trip.

I reveal my daily skincare routine for oily to combination skin. Keep reading for my must-have products and wellness tips.

People often ask me for my skincare routine and it’s generally stayed the same up until the past year. Skincare after 25 is a trip. My skin has been through pretty much all stages from oily to dry to combination. As of now, I have combination skin with some days of it being extremely oily due to some hormonal changes in my body.

I have been on the same skincare routine for the last six months. I’ve seen significant changes to the overall health of my skin with these core products and I decided it was time to share! As a general note, everybody’s skin is different. What works for me may not work for you. Do your research, know what you’re allergic to, and test out samples before purchasing.


Never have I ever thought that I could love a cleanser so much. KORRES Greek Yoghurt Cream Cleanser is a holy grail for those with sensitive skin. And you read it right, Greek yogurt is one of its main ingredients. It’s rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins and leaves your skin super supple. The #1 reason why I love this cleanser is how gentle it is to my skin while removing makeup and impurities. My skin gets irritated very easily so it was important to me to find a cleanser that had limited ingredients but also gets the job done.

I’ll use this cleanser in the morning to wash off any product residue from my nighttime routine. At night, I use this to wash off my makeup. It even gets rid of waterproof mascara in one wash and leaves my skin firm and glowing.


To be transparent, I didn’t find toners to be important until I started getting breakouts from my new birth control method. To calm my skin when it flares up and make sure it stays clean, I’ve been using the No7 Beautiful Skin Balancing Toner in the mornings after I wash my face. This toner has been a key product in balancing my oily T-zones to prevent breakouts from happening. It’s great for all skin types. If you don’t have problematic skin, you’ll still find that this toner helps keep your face fresh and clean.


As long as my skin keeps agreeing with this moisturizer, I will continue to always be a fan of Confidence in a Cream by IT Cosmetics. I pray that they never change the formula to this moisturizer because it’s seriously night and day. I tend to be dry in areas outside of my T-zones and my makeup likes to coagulate in those dry patches. This moisturizer is a thick cream but doesn’t feel sticky. I like to call Confidence in a Cream my “secret sauce” because it’s done wonders to my skin.

I reveal my daily skincare routine for oily to combination skin. Keep reading for my must-have products and wellness tips.

Fun fact: Confidence in a Cream was developed with plastic surgeons as a remedy for signs of aging. In it, there is an anti-aging concentrate that boosts your skin’s natural regenerative cycle to visibly plump fine lines and wrinkles and enhance firmness. I use this during the day as a last step before I put on makeup and at nights when I’m not using Good Genes.


I’m sure a lot of people have heard of Sunday Riley’s night oils. If this is your first time hearing about them, you are in luck. I have found them to be an essential part of a nighttime skincare routine because of its individual benefits. Your late 20s is transformative, for good or bad. One night, I was looking at my skin very closely and noticed small fine lines around my lip and forehead. First thought was preventative botox. Then I took a hard look at my old skincare regime and realized I wasn’t using any anti-aging products. I went to Sephora and picked up Sunday Riley’s Power Couple bundle and was hooked ever since.

The Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a retinol based oil that is clinically proven to improve skin radiance and elasticity in 4 weeks. This oil should only be used at night since retinol and sunshine do not mix well. I’ve been using Luna for six months now and I kid you not, my smile lines have disappeared. My forehead looks a lot smoother, but not that I had deep wrinkles to begin with. The oil has definitely plumped up my fine lines and evened out my skin tone. The deep blue color is daunting but disappears when massaged into the skin. The only thing about the oil is the smell takes a little getting used to. I use Luna in combination with Good Genes every other night.

I reveal my daily skincare routine for oily to combination skin. Keep reading for my must-have products and wellness tips.


After applying Luna on my face, I wait about five minutes for the oil to disperse. Then I apply Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, an all-in-one lactic acid treatment. You can use the treatment day or night, but it works wonders paired with the Luna night oil. While the oil firms the skin, Good Genes does the same while clarifying your complexion. Everytime I use Luna + Good Genes, i wake up with bright, glowing skin. It’s truly a power couple in skincare.

Not-So-Staple Skincare Products

The last two products are ones that I don’t use on the daily. A general advice with good skincare is to pay attention to your skin condition. I have days when I feel like my skin looks really dirty even after wash. I have days when I have weird breakouts and my normal routine doesn’t help. These two items are what I like to call “the helpers”. They help bring your skin back to normality when your usual routine just doesn’t cut it.


I LOVE face masks. Due to my sensitive skin, I do have to be careful what kind of masks I use. Sheet masks are ones that normally have a lot of excess chemicals to keep them fresh. So I typically go for masks out of a tube. I go back and forth between Shea Moisture Clarifying Mud Mask and Epoch Glacial Marine Mud. I tend to use mud masks when my skin is oilier than usual, which happens sporadically. Right after washing off the mask, I’ll put on Confidence in a Cream to bring back some moisture to my dryer areas.


Side note, salicylic is a hella difficult word to spell. I use Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Liquid 1-2 times a week at night (when I’m not using Sunday Riley). It’s a non-abrasive leave on liquid with 2% BHA that gently exfoliate layers of dead skin. This is a great product for breakouts or when you need a gentle exfoliant to rejuvenate your skin. I would not put this on during the day even though you technically can. If you do, just make sure to put on SPF 15+ to avoid discoloration.

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