Doggy Diaries: First BarkBox Unboxing

Came home from work today to find a big box sitting at my front door. I’ve ordered probably ten things for my dog this month, so it didn’t register to me that it was BarkBox until I flipped the box around all four sides. My tracking said it would arrive on October 17th, so the package definitely came way earlier.  I came rushing into my apartment, dropped the rest of my shit on the floor, and ran straight to my room screaming, “Lyla, Lyla… LYYYYYLAAAAA!!!”

I’ll let my dog take over the rest of this narrative.


For those who don’t know my dog, Lyla is very hyper. When I come home, she usually greets me propped up on the doggy gate in my bedroom. Tonight, she couldn’t give two shits what I was skipping around about. Literally not even one shit.


I was finally able to get her a little bit interested, but she looked so unsure about the box. Like, “Why the fuck is this crazy person so excited over this piece of cardboard? I’m sure she trained me to not chew paper anymore, so I don’t think I should bite this. But, it does look good to chew. But I won’t. Fuck.”

Okay, her tongue’s out; it’s game time.


First impressions: The box is very cute. It has cute little artworks printed on it. Upon unboxing, the first thing I see is a clever doggy yearbook. The packing could have been a lot neater, but I’m sure it was from the box being thrown around during shipping. Right away, I could tell this Barkbox is school-themed.





What’s inside: A composition book with a page full of cute artworks and doodles. 1 Milk Carton-shaped chew toy, 1 “textbook” chew toy, 2 super long Beef Sticks, 1 MyDoggy soft baked cookies in Apple Duck, and 1 Teacher’s Pet snacks from Bark & Co.

Are you excited now, missy?

“Yes, open this.”


I’ll list some pros and cons.

-I love that everything was natural. Lyla has a pretty sensitive stomach, so I’m always wary about certain treats or food. The Teacher’s Pet snacks are made of oat, flour, pork, honey, apples, and canola oil. The Apple Duck cookies from MyDoggy are wheat, corn, and soy free.
-I love that the box is themed. It’s fun for me (obviously not for my dog) to read all of the little notes and feel like I’m actually reading one of those shorts comics back in grade school.
-Shipping came sooner than expected.

-Since it’s now October, I was a little bummed that the theme wasn’t pumpkin themed or Halloween related.
-The milk carton chew toy is super fun, but both toys felt pretty similar. I would’ve preferred one of the toys to be a rope or ball.
-I’m a sucker for nice packaging so when I unbox something and it doesn’t look pretty, I get hella OCD and start rearranging everything. That’s just a personal thing though.

Final thoughts: This is fantastic for busy people like me. Sometimes I feel guilty for not buying Lyla enough toys, but she tends to like destroying every single toy in sight, so it’s not profitable for me to buy toys for her weekly. With BarkBox, I can depend on treats and toys arriving monthly and keep my pretty little girl happy. I’m not entirely sold on it just yet, but it is my first box. I’ll give it a few more tries and see when Lyla and I both fall in love with everything.

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    Kotryna Bass

    Oh my!! My dog would love all of this so much!

    Kotryna Bass Blog

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      I’ve been loonikg for a post like this forever (and a day)

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