Makeup Talk: Date Night

I decided it was time to look presentable for date night this past weekend.

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I’m alive!

So what seemed like a week and a half of hibernation, I decided it was time to look presentable for date night this past weekend. Poor Brian has been seeing the ugly side of me (even though he was the one who got me sick). I’ve been laying around in sweats or my panda onesie coughing my lungs out and being cranky as hell. He even got me medicine and made me chicken tortilla soup. I had some of the soup, but my taste buds were level -1 in tasting anything, so I took the medicine and passed out all week. It’s safe to say I was a real joy to be around.

Back to looking presentable. This past Saturday, Brian and I went to one of our friends’ engagement party. I posted my makeup on my Instagram with some product details, but I’ll dive a little deeper into all of the products I used, including links to buy them to make it easy peasy for you.

1. Confidence in a Cream by It Cosmetics – As you may know, I’ve been struggling with my skin this winter because of dryness. Makeup just hasn’t been sitting right on my skin and I really needed to revitalize my skin after being sick. I walked into Sephora and realized they started to carry It Cosmetics and I received a sample of Confidence in a Cream to try out. So far, I’m loving it. My skin is so smooth and soft and I love how lightweight and low-maintenance it is (like how it doesn’t take 30 minutes for the moisturizer to dissolve into my skin).

2. Pore Filler by NYX Cosmetics – I may or may not have mentioned this primer previously, but if you’re looking for an affordable primer, this is top notch. I like to rub this on my cheeks and anywhere where I feel are extra dry to prevent the foundation from caking into a patchy mess.

3. The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation by La Mer – Oh man. This fucking foundation is…the shit beyond words. I literally can’t exaggerate how amazing this foundation truly is. It’s really lightweight on the skin, but the coverage is wild. I’m telling you, if foundation can make me feel like I don’t even need to bother with concealer, that’s next level shit. The only beef I have with this foundation is the price tag. I received a small sample of the foundation, but if I were to purchase it on my own…I probably still would, but lowkey crying on the inside.

4. Zingara Palette by Colourpop – using Elixir (orange) as my base, Paradox (burgundy red) as my transition color, and Seeker (warm red-brown) on the outer corners of my lids. I mixed Paradox and Seeker under my waterline. I topped off the look with a glittery red shadow from Morphe’s 35O eyeshadow palette.

5. Love Bug by Colourpop – this rich Terracota toned liquid lipstick has been a staple of mine from fall through winter. I’m beefing with the formula a little bit, but it’s not something a little lip balm can’t fix.

A little side note, I’ve been thinking about doing Youtube videos again, but embedding them into my blog. There are certain things, such as this makeup look, that I feel I can better explain through video. I just have such a tough time posting videos because I hate listening to myself talk. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to my ears and I get so uncomfortable. But quite a few people have been asking if I have a Youtube channel, and the simple answer is yes, but there’s nothing on it as of yet. What do y’all think? Youtube or no youtube?


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