Resolutions To Make This New Year

I know I want better friendships because having friends who motivate you and inspire you to live better, do better, and create more is a beautiful thing.

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m reflecting back on the year pretty happy that we’re entering a new year. I’ve never been the type to go, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” and make resolutions, but I’ve definitely been put through some tests this year and I’m ending it pretty drained emotionally and mentally. However, I won’t say it’s my worst year. I think your life happens the way you allow it to, so I recognize there are parts in my environment I need to come full circle with and resolve head-on and also some parts of myself I need to work on.

I saw a video the other day about how to make good new year’s resolutions by brainstorming a diagram and thinking of resolutions more laterally. Here’s a blog that outlines it a lot better than I can explain it. I made my personal ones, but below are some broader ones that are good for evaluating your life and how you can adjust the things you want to change.

Do More of What Makes You Happy

It’s good to write down a list of things you enjoy doing at the end of each year just to sort of do a check-in with yourself. As humans, we’re so used to routine that I think the reason why life gets comfortable is because people stick with their habits. This year, I learned that I no longer like to party all that much. I realized that I like to be productive…not that I was never aware of that, but if I felt like I wasted a Sunday being in bed hungover, I didn’t feel great about myself. My priorities are different now. Instead of going out, I prefer to stay healthy mentally and physically. I don’t really get much FOMO like I used to because quite frankly, sitting in a nightclub pretending to have fun while on Snapchat gets old pretty quick. I guess as I’m getting older, I’m craving deeper experiences. Next year I want to utilize my time working out more consistently, writing more, and definitely traveling more. Which leads to my next resolution…

Travel More
This year, I hit a creative block and I couldn’t get myself out of it until I had a heart to heart with my best friend. I realized that I haven’t travelled much this year, but instead focused more on finding a steady job because I had priorities to attend to. That’s part of being an adult, so I’m grateful to be able to support myself, but I definitely want to travel more in 2017 and really make it happen. If one of your resolutions is to travel more, spend less money eating out and start saving up for trips. Find a job that allows you freedom to travel and work remotely and provide work-life balance. Actually, finding a job that pays well enough for you to travel is definitely important too.

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Spend More Time With People Who Make You Happy

I think taking a look at the people around you and asking yourself these questions are wise: “Is my mind stimulated?”, “Do these people make me feel good?”, “How do I feel after I’m doing hanging out with so-and-so?”, “Is my life better when I’m with these people?”, “Does so-and-so talk behind my back?”. I’ve really narrowed down my circle this year; distancing myself from toxic people and spending more time with friends who help me grow. I’m just at an age where I don’t have the time to deal with people who talk behind my back or to try and impress anyone. Obviously, I’m not going to keep narrowing down my friends or else I’d be a hermit, so 2017 is a year for me to build new friendships. I know I want better friendships because having friends who motivate you and inspire you to live better, do better, and create more is a beautiful thing. Your circle represents you, so choose wisely.


Work on Better Communication

I’m awful at communicating. The first thing that came to mind while making my resolutions list was that I needed to work on communicating my feelings better. You might be thinking, “But Angie, you’re a writer. How do you not know how to communicate?” It’s my feelings that I don’t know how to convey, especially when I’m hurt or upset. I tend to shut down when I feel a bit slighted because I find myself justifying if I have the right to be upset. But who the fuck cares; if I’m upset, I should be allowed to feel upset. On the other hand, if you’re the type to lash out when you’re upset, you may need to work on communicating in a smarter and calmer way. I think lashing out doesn’t solve anything, in fact, it produces the same results as holding it in; it doesn’t help your situation. So whether you need to work on communicating more or smarter, make it a resolution for next year so that you’ll build stronger relationships and a happier state of mind.

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