Rest in Pieces

Don’t mind my embarrassing nails in case I didn’t hide them very well. One nail chipped off and the rest was history. It’s almost Halloweenie time! October until the end of the year is my favorite time of the year simply because there’s so much exciting energy from people.

I went to dinner with my girlfriends that I’ve been friends for over 9 years last night and it’s like time has never passed. We try to see each other every other week, but as we get older and life becomes busier, it takes work to make our schedules line up. Do you ever think how crazy it is when souls just “click” with each other? It’s not draining or mundane to be around each other. Sure, we vent and talk about our issues, but there’s zero ego or need to talk about other people. It’s a night of catching up, discussing ideas, dreams, and goals. After 9 years, they are still the best people in my life; driven, passionate, and sassy as hell.

Fall fashion Halloween Young & Reckless women's
Fall fashion Halloween Young & Reckless women's


Fall fashion Halloween Young & Reckless women's

I’ve had this Y&R tee for ages and I always dig it out of my closet come Halloween. My tights are actually from Spirit Halloween, which PSSSSST… is my little secret for finding bomb ass tights/leggings you can’t find anywhere else. The Young & Reckless ‘Rest in Pieces” tee is sold out, but below are alternatives so you’re not missing out on much!

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