Guide to Lima

Best places to visit for first-timers.

Lima is one of those places that reminds me of home. Whatever people say about Los Angeles, people say about Peru’s largest city. The weather is nice year-round, the food scene is eclectic, and fitness is of high priority. Where the tourists go, a.k.a me, you’ll want to stay in either Miraflores or Barranco.

Where to Stay

Miraflores vs. Barranco

Miraflores: think of Malibu or Santa Monica. Rent an Airbnb with an ocean front-view, or book a hotel minutes away from Kennedy Park. Miraflores is a quiet place with the most beautiful scenery. It also boasts some of the top restaurants in the world, which I’ll get to.

Barranco: think of Silverlake…but way cooler – in a good way. Barranco is an arts district with a bohemian vibe that makes you feel like you just belong. It’s hip, but not too hip, with lots of bars and rad ass wall art by local artists.


  • Miraflores is a short walk away from the beach and parks
  • It’s the hub of the best restaurants in the world
  • The city is conveniently located to just about everything. You can rent bikes to get to Barranco (highly recommend this).
  • Safe district and super clean


  • Nightlife is not as bustling as Barranco. The main option is going to parties at hostels and surrounding bars.
  • Very quiet at night, see point #1


  • TONS of nightlife and cool bars that look like mansion homes. You’ll find breweries here too with cheap, quality craft beers.
  • There is always something to do. Barranco holds an outdoor fair every weekend with local shops, eateries, and art showcases.
  • Beautiful murals almost everywhere you turn.


  • Barranco is safe for the most part. Brian and I walked around at night with no issues, however, we had a rental bike stolen on our last day.

I recommend staying in Miraflores, but take a day over the weekend to rent bikes and ride down to Barranco. Plan your stay in Barranco for at least a couple of nights if you want to party. Uber is also available in Lima so the two cities are accessible from one another. My full Peru itinerary is coming soon!

Where to Eat


Did you really go to Lima just to eat??


I sure the fuck did.

Brian and I are big fans of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. We were watching the Peru episode way before our trip and fell in love with the culinary scene (*cough* ceviche). One thing led to another and we booked our trip with a mission to try everything Lima has to offer.

Lo and behold, two days into Lima and we’ve eaten our way around town. We visited a lot of restaurants, so I’ll just narrow it down to my favorites:


  1. Beso Frances Creperia
  2. Mama Olla


  1. Maido
  2. Tropicana
  3. Central
  4. Peru Gourmet


  1. Ayahuasca
  2. Barranco Beer Company
  3. Dada Bar

Things to Do

  • Take a food & bike tour – we did this on our final day in Lima and it was so much fun! The guide takes you to local favorites, as well as a full day of scenery.
  • Check out “Taste of Barranco”, which is held every weekend. Do a little shopping and try some local eats from street vendors!
  • Museo Larco – This was an AMAZING museum full of ancient Peruvian artifacts. They even have a restaurant/cafe in the back. Larco Museum - Ohh Angie
  • Plaza Mayor – the center hub of Lima, you’ll find tons of food and beautiful buildings to take pictures of. Stop by the chocolate museum for some cocoa samples!
  • Monastery of San Francisco – CATACOMBS. This was wicked cool and tickets were $2/each. If you don’t like closed spaces, I wouldn’t recommend.
  • Miraflores Boardwalk – we walked this boardwalk pretty much every day in Lima. There are a few cafes along the way. If you take the stairs to walk next to the beach, there are surf lessons that you can partake in.
  • Parque de la Reserve – our Uber driver recommended this to us and we decided to check it out on our last day in Lima. Boy, were we glad we did! There are 5 beautiful fountains with 1 main light show that blows Disneyland’s World of Colors out of the park (no pun intended).

Parque de la Reserva - Ohh Angie