What To Do When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Y’all, I have been sick. Whatever flu, cold, viral germ that’s been going around, I caught it and it hasn’t been pretty. Because of that, I had zero motivation to do anything. I would go to work, come home and sleep. I started to feel a little guilty for not updating my blog, but then I snapped out of it because you know what? I felt like crap, I looked like crap, and I was just not feeling it. So if you’re like me and tend to feel bad when you’re not productive for a few days, here are a few things you can do when it’s just not your week, sick or not.
1. Rest
This seems like a no-brainer, but your mind and body needs to be recharged. Even if you’re not sick and just feeling a lack of motivation or focus, take a couple days to rest and let your body recharge. Sometimes it may be tough because you don’t want to miss out on activities with friends, but especially if you’re sick, you need to go to bed. I slept like a baby for the past three days. No one could tell me shit.

2. Leave Your Phone Alone
Easier said than done, but when you’re resting at home, it’s senseless to grab your phone and flip through Instagram or Facebook and look at all the fun things other people are doing. I was pretty MIA from social media for a few days because I didn’t want to feel bad about myself or have any sort of negative feelings.

3. Make a list
What do you want to do when you feel better? Is there somewhere you want to visit, a place you want to see? Make a list of things you want to do when you get or feel better. It gives you something to look forward to, rather than focusing on how shitty you feel at the moment.

4. Read a book
I used to read a new book every other day. As I get older, I’ve had less time to read something from start to finish and I’m sure many people are the same way. So take your off time to pick up a book and feed your brain some food. Books improve your vocabulary and grammar; something that people lose because of texting and emoticons. I love the smell of books too (weird, I know), so I enjoyed cozying up with a cup of warm tea and finish reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

What do you do when you’re sick or feeling down? Let me know in the comments!

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