Women’s March Los Angeles + VLOG

The Women’s March LA on Saturday was incredible.

There was so much positive energy and love all around. There were women of all races and religion marching alongside together, chanting and cheering for each other’s equality.

I witnessed little boys and girls marching along with up to 750,000 passionate people and learning that they can let their voices be heard. I saw boyfriends, married and single fathers marching alongside their girlfriends, wives, and/or daughters with the best signs that really warmed my heart. The LGBQT community came through for support. I have never witnessed a march where all races, gender, and religion came together and pushed for the same thing: EQUALITY.

Regardless of which party you voted for, I hope you can understand why women decided to march this past Saturday. Please continue to support women, children’s education, science, and immigrants’ rights, for these are what shapes are country’s future.

Enjoy the vlog!


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    The exeritpse shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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